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Cognito Forms

Builds forms, Data collection and management, Online payment

cognito forms

The online form builder that uniquely balances powerful capabilities with ease of use. Cognito forms enables anyone to take their complicated or time-consuming processes, and make them simple.

Easily Build Powerful Forms

Create unlimited forms with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop form builder that has the layout and flexibility you need.

Explore the features of our low-code platform

Data collection, logic and automation, data management, security and compliance, integrations and online payment.

Used by innovators around the globe

Cognito forms helps different industries like healthcare, human resources, information technology, local government, marketing and more.

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“Cognito forms helps to fill the gaps other solutions in your business may not. Create a custom form to your specifications, integrate the data captured to your ecosystem, get rid of paper and save time on repeatable processes.”

Josh Licence, Digital Strategist, Apparatus Quo