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About Apparatus Quo

Our 3-step framework 'SAS for SaaS': Strategy | Alignment | Scale

Meet Our Team

Josh Licence

Josh loves introducing the capability of the "big end of town" to growing businesses, and keeping across new developments in the industry for what is coming next.

He's passionate about what he does in his advisory work, as it's so important to facilitate adoption and use of technology in a sustainable way.

With tech and consulting experience at Cadbury, Mondelez, Deloitte and BlueRock, Josh has worked on hundreds of projects with business leaders and teams, and brings this experience into his work with clients.

Von Fehily

Von's passion is helping organisations empower their people to accomplish more, no matter where they are in the world or in their work management journey.

By leveraging the power of the right digital employee toolkit, Von helps her clients improve employee and customer experiences, culture, and ways of working.

Arsh Kaur

Joining AQ in early 2024 with a blend of business acumen and tech savvy, Arsh specialises in the balance between organisational goals and the ever-evolving landscape of tech.

Arsh's mission is to ensure that every key decision or recommendation made is not only rooted in sound business logic, but also optimised for maximum impact.

Arsh is committed to identifying opportunities for optimisation, streamlining processes, and driving sustainable growth.

Amy Elenius

Amy joins AQ with a strong background in customer experience, SaaS and the startup landscape.

She is passionate about helping businesses scale with ease, and believes in the power of a having an optimised tech stack.

Amy approaches projects with enthusiasm and brings creative problem solving to the table, ensuring clients extract the most value from their tools.

Rein Camanag

Rein joined Apparatus Quo in November 2021 and since then, she has been committed to ensuring the seamless alignment of most administrative functions at AQ. Her passion for streamlining work has significantly contributed to the overall efficiency of the team.

Nix Homoroc

As a Finance and Ops Admin, Nix began her journey with AQ in March 2024.

With a meticulous approach to organisation and a commitment to efficiency, Nix ensures processes are executed seamlessly.

Her dedication to honesty and reliability underscores every aspect of  her work, fostering trust and contributing to the smooth operation of AQ behind the scenes.

Behind the name...

Did you know?

Apparatus Quo's name derives insipration from the term 'Status Quo'.  We look to change the status quo of tech and business systems in a way that is sustainable and supports growth in individuals, teams and organisations.

The Logo?  This is a combination of the greek Delta and a magnifying glass, which happens to look like an A and a Q together 🔥🔥🔥

The Greek letter delta (δ, or ∆) is often used to indicate change, and the magnifying glass is our focus on that change.