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Our WorkflowMax Services

WFM Package 1: WFM Health Check

WFM Health Check

WFM Health Check

Your Personalised Job Management Health Check & 'Manage Jobs @ Scale Profitable Progress Planner' Workbook


WFM Package 2: Migrate It With You

WFM Migration Navigator

WFM Migration Navigator

We'll give you the guidance, skills and confidence to roll over to the new WorkflowMax by Bluerock. Through our WorkflowMax Relaunch package, we will focus on establishing your work management foundations and getting your data migrated. We include support in migrating your custom reports and documentation to ensure that your operations in the new and improved WorkflowMax are optimised in an interactive one-on-one session.
WFM Package 3: Optimise It With You

WFM Optimise It With You

WFM Optimise It With You

We partner with you to optimise and scale your use of the new and improved WorkflowMax by Bluerock. Through our WorkflowMax OIFY offering, we will focus on rebuilding your WorkflowMax to meet your business requirements, reviewing the current setup and configuration, right through to modelling best practice for your business needs and industry. This is around ensuring that you have the best case set up specific to your business and in line with the new features available.

WFM Package 5 WFM in 4 Premium Relaunch

WFM in 4 Premium Relaunch

WFM in 4 Premium Relaunch

Reach your outcome in less time with our most Premium service for WFM. 

We DWY (do it with you), DFY (do it for you) and give you DIY guidance, to save your team effort & sacrifice

6x Strategy & Design Workshops

4x Live Tailored Training for Teams

DFY Solution Design, Templates & Reports

DWY Do-it-with-you Migration

WFM  Package 5: Customer Care

WFM Customer Care

WFM Customer Care

Confidence with WorkflowMax on an ongoing basis.

With month-ahead planning and the ability to get hands-on support, you can continue to refine your workflows and ways of working with confidence knowing you are supported.

You can ‘pull us in’ for support for your specific workflow and technical questions.

Visibility and Control over your Job-based Business.

Existing WFM by Xero customer?  Start with our 'WFM Health Check and Blueprint' or our 'WFM Migration Navigator', both include a complementary strategy call, or the latter with additional workshops with a WFM expert as you migrate like-for-like across.

Want to relaunch and optimise your Processes and R&Rs with your People alongside your WorkflowMax Platform in a workshop and advisory approach?  That's our 'Optimise it With You' package.

Larger business with more than 30 staff, dealing with complex, specific scenarios and ready to work with a partner over the journey?  Please check out our 'WFM in 4' package.

Anything else that doesn't fit the packages below exactly?  Please get in touch via our form below and we'll set up time for a chat.

WFM_Foundational Implementation Badge (1)

Empower & trust your team with centralised job management, get better control over job profitability and performance.

Get ready for a game-changer! WorkflowMax is packed with tools to help maximise your profit, spend more time on what matters  and less admin time managing jobs at scale.

With better insights, the ability to hold the team accountable on their jobs and a great user experience, you can easily track work end to end from leads, quotes, jobs, purchasing, timesheets, invoicing through to Xero, and of course reporting on the metrics that actually move the needle for a job-based business, whether you complete fixed-price, time-based billing or a hybrid of the two!

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What our customers have to say

"Josh has been an invaluable asset to myself and the I.M.A team in understanding WorkflowMax. Josh was assigned as our implementation partner in 2021 and assisted with the variables in our initial setup. More recently, Josh has worked with my team in really understanding the nuances of the software. His insights and expertise have greatly assisted us to not only streamline parts of our workflow, but also on the fly troubleshoot and brainstorm some of our specific challenges. Josh is a fantastic asset to any company he consults with and personally, I’m grateful we’ve been able to tap into Josh’s expertise."

Laura Tesluk | General Manager
IMAB2B | WorkflowMax Support

"I engaged Josh and his team to support my small business to implement WorkflowMax, with the goal of gaining better project and financial management. Over a series of workshops, Josh took me through every step of implementation and helped me to maximise the set up to gain the most insights possible. Josh knew WFM inside and out, and shared valuable suggestions at every step. I will engage Josh again as our needs change and happily recommend his work to others needing similar support."

Melinda Oliver | Content Specialist
Oliver Content | WorkflowMax Advisory and Support

"I highly recommend Josh, he's been unbelievably good to deal with for during our WorkflowMax implementation process. His implementation sessions are really well planned, informative and we never felt like we were being rushed. His knowledge of WorkflowMax is second to none and has put us in a position to really take our business forward using this great product."

David Aquilina | General Manager
Selective Switchboards | WorkflowMax 'Build It With You'

"Joshua helped us implement WorflowMax and Asana for Atlantis Health. His approach was simple and focused. Every workshop he ran was to the point and left us with clear actions to take. I learn a lot from how he runs sessions, particularly how he uses tools such as Asana to drive conversations and keep everyone accountable. Joshua is an excellent trainer and consultant. But you have to put in the work to be successful in your project. He will help you find the answers to the most challenging questions, but ultimately, you are responsible for your business and have to do your homework.In summary, I highly recommend Joshua. He is an exceptional professional who brings strategic thinking and is easy to work with."

Pablo Matamoros | Digital Platforms Consultant
Atlantis Health | WorkflowMax and Asana Support

"We implemented WorkflowMax in our company to assist with business administration and project management. Josh understood our needs and taught us the capability, demonstrated the practical aspects in live situations and was on hand to help us! Thank you Josh! "

Jenny Rudolph | Chief Executive Officer
Gyde Consulting | WorkflowMax Relaunch Advisory and Support

"We are a small business who were overwhelmed with the thought of managing a software migration on our own. Josh and the team at Apparatus Quo has been amazing. Their depth of knowledge not only on the platform we are using but across the integration options etc has been eye-opening. This migration process from disruptive and painful to an opportunity for positive business impact. Thanks so much."

Peta Moore | Managing Director
Nectar Creative Communications | WorkflowMax Migration Navigator