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Client Stories: LV Truck Cranes - Job and Workshop Management

Geelong-based LV Truck Cranes supply, design and install crane, skip and hook loaders for lifting applications. 

With a purpose-built 800 square metre facility including six dedicated installation and servicing bays, their team of painters, boilermakers, welders, engineers, and diesel mechanics complete installations and provide ongoing service and maintenance in-house.

LV Truck Cranes Managing Director Richard Johnson was looking for a tool to align their people, processes and documents into a central platform, and for a partner who could support them both online and in-person during implementation and beyond.


In our early meetings together, we identified the LV Truck Crane teams’ biggest goals included the following top 10 items:

  1. Improvements to invoicing - flag jobs not invoiced and invoice in a timely manner
  2. Create an easy process to capture all costs associated with jobs
  3. Streamline existing processes, such as warranty jobs, checklists, job and equipment servicing templates, compliant processes and reporting on which job workflow stages are ready for action
  4. Store all documents related to jobs in one place
  5. Easily search and find information on jobs in a system
  6. Financial reporting on the P&L for each job, with invoices and bills sent to Xero for accounting attribution
  7. Notifications for key processes, such as costs for POs or when parts aren't delivered on time
  8. Capture data once, use many times from quoting through sales, through job setup, timed worked and job notes
  9. Staff access and visibility - no more spreadsheets saved to the desktop!
  10. When someone is away, ability to fill in the role easily, as the key information is visible, in a central management system


Strategy | Alignment | Scale - our approach with LVTC:


Across late 2021 and early 2022, the Apparatus Quo team guided LV Truck Cranes to plan for the WorkGuru implementation through a three-step approach. 

Starting with their Strategy and hit-list, Aligning their team's people and processes with their chosen platform, then Scaling through on-site training and further support.

Project Team

  • Oversight, delivery, project management and implementation: Apparatus Quo


Since early 2022, LV Truck Cranes have been using WorkGuru for their end to end job management platform, and successfully configured and continue to use WorkGuru for their quotes, job management, purchasing & invoicing  (through to their accounting platform, Xero) and reporting tool. 

For the workshop team, they have configured the WorkGuru Kiosk on a screen in the workshop for the team to clock in and out of jobs, as well as using WorkGuru's document printing features to print out the jobs sheets for on-the-ground tracking of work.

...and that's just phase 1! 

With exciting features coming out from WorkGuru and Xero every month, the LV Truck Cranes team will continue to refine and expand their use to scale what they do as a business, and to trade tech for time.LV Truck Cranes workguru components


We debriefed with three of the LVTC key 'Systems Champions' a month post  go-live for their thoughts on the experience:


Melissa Ruff, Accounts Manager:

"Josh has been great to work with, he took the time to really understand our business and requirements and has made sure the new software and programs matches our needs.  He has great systems set up to ensure the project requirements are met, timelines are clear and for correspondence once we had gone live with the new software.  Would highly recommend Josh and Apparatus Quo"

Chris Dynon, Workshop & Office Manager:

"We have been working with Josh and the team helping us get up and running with a new workshop system. The Apparatus Quo team has been great and we couldn't have done it without their help. I could not be happier with Apparatus Quo and look forward to working with them in the future. You won't go wrong by getting Apparatus Quo to help with all your IT needs"

Richard Johnson, Managing Director:

“Since working with Apparatus Quo on improving our job and workshop management, I’ve been able to gain better visibility on how our jobs are going, get our invoices out in a timely manner, use the Kiosk for recording hours and labour costs on each job, and better balance the workload when staff are on leave as we’re got everything in one place.”

To find out more about LV Truck Cranes, check out their website here:

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