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Manage your team's goals, tasks and projects in one place.

Get your team set up on Asana with us. We see Asana as a perfect fit with other practice management tools that quote, invoice, purchase and bill. We use Asana ourselves every day to manage our work - including daily task prioritisation, client projects, timelines and meetings - and can share our experience as an Asana Solutions Partner to get your team up and running.

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Key Benefits:

  • Priority Support with your Asana Partner
  • Office-hours for the Asana champions and employees, free private sessions
  • Latest summarised Asana features and updates, New starter training and Asana 101 (if required)
  • Discounts on services and priority invitations to our events and meet-ups
  • Q&A on your Asana workflows and use – bring your questions!

What our customers have to say

"Josh has been incredibly insightful and helpful on our journey transform our agency processes and tech stack. His knowledge is deep - but more importantly his solutions are practical, actionable and easy to understand; a rare commodity in this space, in my experience."

Jeremy Johnston | Managing Partner
Sugar & Partners | Asana Implementation

"Joshua's wealth of knowledge and experience with Asana proved to be an asset to WomenCAN Australia. In my interactions with him, I found him to be highly approachable and friendly. He was always willing to listen and address any concerns we had regarding our workflow. I would highly recommend Joshua Licence as an Asana expert. He possesses the technical expertise, communication skills, and personalised approach that are necessary to enhance workflow and productivity. His friendly and approachable demeanor make him a pleasure to work with, and his wealth of knowledge and experience with Asana will undoubtedly prove invaluable to any organisation."

Maggie McNeil | Communications Specialist
WomenCAN Australia | Asana Implementation

"Joshua helped us implement WorflowMax and Asana for Atlantis Health. His approach was simple and focused. Every workshop he ran was to the point and left us with clear actions to take. I learn a lot from how he runs sessions, particularly how he uses tools such as Asana to drive conversations and keep everyone accountable. Joshua is an excellent trainer and consultant. But you have to put in the work to be successful in your project. He will help you find the answers to the most challenging questions, but ultimately, you are responsible for your business and have to do your homework.In summary, I highly recommend Joshua. He is an exceptional professional who brings strategic thinking and is easy to work with."

Pablo Matamoros | Digital Platforms Consultant
Atlantis Health | WorkflowMax and Asana Support

"We have been working with Josh for just over 6 months and plan to continue the partnership. Josh has helped us set up and improve the use of Asana to support our program delivery and created efficiencies with our internal systems. Josh is articulate, knowledgeable and an amazing trainer! I don't always love tech and Josh made it easy and interesting! We have 100% had a measurable ROI from working with Josh!"

Loren Pettigrew | General Manager
The Leadership Sphere | Asana Solutions Partnership

"I have recently had the pleasure of working with Josh on an Asana improvement project. He has come in and educated our whole team on Asana, helped us set up better workflows and process improvements. He collaborated with all relevant stakeholders including people in multiple time zones and was agile to make changes when new information came to light. I could not recommend Josh highly enough and I look forward to working with him on our next projects!"

Danielle McGloin | COO
Ducere Global Business School | Asana Refresh

"Reeds Consulting worked with Apparatus Quo for a few months in early 2024 to implement Asana as our task management system for our town planning, engineering and surveying consultancy business comprising 80 staff. Working with Von, Arsh and Josh was a real pleasure due to their positive attitude, ability to solve complex problems and respond to our various queries to customise Asana to our business practices. We are very pleased with the outcome of the Asana implementation and look forward to continuing to work with AQ as Asana rolls out across our business. Thanks once again AQ."

Sarah North | Senior Associate | Planning Manager

"Josh and team helped our agency successfully implement Asana and ran a series of training sessions to get staff up to speed. He was able to quickly understand the unique needs of our business and tailor training accordingly. He would break things down into simple steps and would always provide valuable follow-up notes immediately after each session. We appreciated his patience, energy and willingness to find a way to tackle any challenge."

Jules Hastings | Executive Producer

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