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Current Open Positions: Cloud Consultant (Casual)

Why AQ?

✅ Opportunities to grow and develop your consulting skillset

Joining our small yet dynamic company provides a unique learning experience and opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the world of consulting, and benefit from personalised mentorship. You will work on meaningful projects, interact with diverse clients, and apply what you have learned in a hands-on, practical context.

✅ Building strong relationships 

Within our team, you will have the chance to build strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and business partners. These connections can be instrumental in shaping your future career.

✅ Tight-knit culture

We foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment, where your ideas and input are highly valued. In our team, you will have the chance to directly influence our projects and strategies, encouraging creativity and innovation.

✅ Exciting projects 

Our projects involve leveraging the best in SaaS technologies and innovative approaches. You will be part of dynamic and forward-thinking initiatives, providing you with a challenging and rewarding experience.

✅ Workplace flexibility 

We offer flexibility in your work environment, allowing you to experience both working remotely, in an office environment or on client site when needed. This flexibility provides a comfortable work-life balance, especially in our smaller team setting. In ‘eating our own dog food’ (as it is sometimes called ), we leverage tech to effectively work asynchronously and synchronously together as a team and with our clients, which is part of the reason we got into this line of work in the first place!

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"I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Apparatus Quo over the past three months, and it has been very rewarding. The tight-knit culture at AQ fosters an environment where every individual's ideas are valued. From day one, I felt like a vital part of the team, working alongside experienced consultants who provided invaluable mentorship. From actively contributing in client meetings to offering support for client inquiries, and even taking part in leading a market campaign, my hands-on experience at AQ has enhanced both my personal and professional skills. If you're a graduate seeking a unique learning experience, a supportive work culture, and the chance to contribute meaningfully to projects that make a difference, Apparatus Quo is the place to be. I highly recommend joining this innovative and collaborative team."

Jenny Zheng
Cloud Consultant (Casual)