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Existing WorkflowMax Users: 1-Week Health Check & 2024 Blueprint, based on Your Itemised Hitlist

For the existing WorkflowMax (by Xero) business, who want a detailed plan based on their specific hit list - with our best thinking and experience thrown in 😎


Get experienced WorkflowMax, business systems, job processes, staff training and change management guidance on your unique and specific situation, from a partner who has worked with over 300 WorkflowMax clients
We focus on your specific hitlist and situation - within WorkflowMax capability and beyond.

We understand the power of planning and building confidence in a chosen path of attack.  We want to ensure your experience is not only smooth, but tailored to your unique needs.

Introducing our exclusive Health Check & 2024 Migration Plan workbook, designed to empower you with a comprehensive roadmap for a successful WorkflowMax by BlueRock migration and how this fits into your broader tech and business strategy.

WFM audit package

Core Inclusions

How do we work together on your Health Check & 2024 Blueprint package?

To make the best use of your time over this start of year period just prior to the go-live of WorkflowMax by BlueRock, we have designed the health check & audit to be mostly 'async', which means we collaboratively work on your workbook together, with the option of a live Zoom call to go through your strategy and tech plans for 2024, inclusive of how you will approach the WorkflowMax by Bluerock migration.

  • You sign up below, get a copy of your own Workbook, and add your Hitlist & key background information
  • We then complete our Expert Review & Recommendations based on your hit list, background detail and optional review of your WFM account (if you provided access to us as an advisor).  Given we have had access to the WFM by BlueRock Beta version since late 2023, we can answer your hardest-hitting questions related to your hitlist, based on what we have seen & tested in the new product.
  • You receive the returned document with a bespoke plan of attack to each line item, with a 'Power Hour' live strategy Zoom call to review together.
  • your hitlist
    Fill in your hit list of 20 business issues you want to address with WorkflowMax (pain points, opportunities or goals)
  • wfm expert review
    WFM Expert Review.   We respond line by line with our best thinking on the approach to address that particular item in WorkflowMax, our outside of it (via best practice)
  • 2024 blueprint
    Refine your 'Manage Jobs @ Scale Profitable Progress Plan' for 2024 with an increased awareness and understanding of your options, and continue to build out your WorkflowMax workbook pages as you plan for migration.
  • call
    Review your results live with us over a recorded Zoom strategy call.  (Optional add-on)  

New Year Planning Powerhouse: Bonuses

For purchases made in Feb 2024, receive these additional bonuses with your Health Check & 2024 Blueprint workbook:
  • base rate calculator
    Google Sheets Base Rate Calculator Template - convert annual salary into a cost rate per hour to add to WFM for accurate profitability
  • team capacity planner
    Google Sheet template to calculate the total dollar value of your teams' capacity by director, per month based on model inputs such as working days, productivity target, recovery % and more
  • job template planner
    WFM job template planner - what standard tasks, costs, phases (previously folders) are on your standard job templates to expedite job set-up?
  • job revenue forecasting
    How to use WFM and its custom fields to build a process to have a rolling job revenue forecast in WFM, to compare to budget
  • using WFM and Asana - AQ iceberg model
    Our methodology around using task management platforms, specifically Asana, in alignment with WorkflowMax.  What we call the 'iceberg model' method
  • free hubspot audit and strategy
    Existing Hubspot user?  Want a free Hubspot audit and strategy call?   This is a free audit included with your purchase of the WFM Health Check & 2024 Blueprint package from AQ
  • WFM by BR Plan on a Page
    A WFM by BR Migration Plan, on one page.  The key phases, activities, milestones on your journey to Go-live/Relaunch and beyond.

"I found Apparatus Quo very knowledgeable of the old and new WFM. They understood all my questions and provided a step-by-step guide to address each point. I have no hesitation in engaging them for our transition to WFM by BlueRock."

Grace Mona | Finance/Admin Manager
Focus Environmental Pty Ltd

"Apparatus Quo were excellent to work with on streamlining our processes within WorkflowMax. The insights and recommendations provided were functional and useful and their knowledge of the product is exceptional! I'm looking forward to working with them further to assist with our transition to the new WFM."

Jack Pitt | Director
Noise Vibration Consulting


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