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Our purpose is to facilitate sustainable growth. Improve your business effectiveness through technology, scale what you do, and free your time for higher value activities.

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Turning Strategy into Delivery

Turning Strategy into Delivery

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Asana Solutions Partner

WorkflowMax Partner

WorkflowMax Partner

Our 3-Step SAS Framework



People, Processes, Platforms and Prioritisation. Business Systems in Alignment - how does your platform support the business strategy, and what is the road-map?



Implementation, Prototyping and Project Management. Keeping things on-track as we configure and test new and existing Platforms and Processes with your People.



Developing Your In-House Capability. Training and Coaching your People. Streamlining Business Systems & Operations, aligned to the people that use them.

Your Non-equity Strategic Partner

Whether you're an owner or leader in a growing business, we’ll not only help you navigate the world of cloud systems and SaaS (that's software-as-a-service), but help get you and your team up to speed in a sustainable way.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

Award-winning Cloud Consultancy

Facilitating Sustainable Growth

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize
our support to your individual needs and concerns

What Our Customers Have To Say

"Reeds Consulting worked with Apparatus Quo for a few months in early 2024 to implement Asana as our task management system for our town planning, engineering and surveying consultancy business comprising 80 staff. Working with Von, Arsh and Josh was a real pleasure due to their positive attitude, ability to solve complex problems and respond to our various queries to customise Asana to our business practices. We are very pleased with the outcome of the Asana implementation and look forward to continuing to work with AQ as Asana rolls out across our business. Thanks once again AQ."

Sarah North | Senior Associate | Planning Manager
Reeds Consulting | Asana Implementation

"It was fantastic working with Apparatus Quo to clean up and audit our 110,000+ tasks that had started to get away from us. Working closely with the team we went from no universal ways of using Asana to a structured hierarchy of teams and project layouts. We introduced standard business rules to stop rogue projects and provided additional training to the entire branch that took everyone from beginner users to confident Asana team members. It sparked new ideas and ways of working better inside Asana. The clean-up also allowed the leadership team to provide much better business reporting which resulted in strengthening our business case when submitting for additional resources."

Kristy Karhula | Marketing Coordinator
Logan City Council | Asana Solutions Partnership

"Apparatus Quo have been incredibly insightful and helpful on our journey transform our agency processes and tech stack. Their knowledge is deep - but more importantly their solutions are practical, actionable and easy to understand; a rare commodity in this space, in my experience."

Jeremy Johnston | Managing Partner
Sugar & Partners | Asana Implementation

"Joshua helped us implement WorflowMax and Asana for Atlantis Health. His approach was simple and focused. Every workshop he ran was to the point and left us with clear actions to take. I learn a lot from how he runs sessions, particularly how he uses tools such as Asana to drive conversations and keep everyone accountable. Joshua is an excellent trainer and consultant. But you have to put in the work to be successful in your project. He will help you find the answers to the most challenging questions, but ultimately, you are responsible for your business and have to do your homework.In summary, I highly recommend Joshua. He is an exceptional professional who brings strategic thinking and is easy to work with."

Pablo Matamoros | Digital Platforms Consultant
Atlantis Health | WorkflowMax and Asana Support

"The Apparatus Quo team has been great and we couldn't have done it without their help. I could not be happier with Apparatus Quo and look forward to working with them in the future. You won't go wrong by getting Apparatus Quo to help with all your IT needs."

Chris Dynon - Workshop & Office Manager
LV Truck Cranes | WorkGuru Implementation and Training

"We are a small business who were overwhelmed with the thought of managing a software migration on our own. Josh and the team at Apparatus Quo has been amazing. Their depth of knowledge not only on the platform we are using but across the integration options etc has been eye-opening. This migration process from disruptive and painful to an opportunity for positive business impact. Thanks so much."

Peta Moore | Managing Director
Nectar Creative Communications | WorkflowMax Migration Navigator

"Josh's guidance, technical and creative expertise has been highly valued along with his commitment and willingness to work within our time frame. Josh has always been willing to go "over and above" the required commitment to ensure I have understood exactly what has been required but also in his explanations around why certain changes have been recommended. I have no hesitation in recommending Josh and I am most grateful for his support."

Ken Jacobs OAM, Director
Cricket Without Borders

"Josh is one of the best in the game. He has deep market intel on a range of best in class applications, but more importantly makes the time to understand the workflows that is required to set up for long term success. Highly recommend him & Apparatus Quo"

Bryan Williams | Founder
Hockey Stick Advisory

"I had a great experience working with Josh on the Billson’s Brewery ERP requirements and selection project. Josh is capable, knowledgeable about multiple ERP solutions, professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him highly to any company looking to undertake the same due diligence process."

Angela Eiselt | Business Development Manager
Billson's Brewery | ERP System Selection

"Josh was an absolute pleasure to deal with, and broke down very complex actions into manageable segments which made the entire process flow efficiently and effectively. His very obvious expertise in this area really helped us to get the best of the programs we were updating to, and his client service focus left us feeling that we had been well looked after."

Associate Manager FinOps
Civil Engineering | Systems Implementation and Training

"I have recently had the pleasure of working with Josh on an Asana improvement project. He has come in and educated our whole team on Asana, helped us set up better workflows and process improvements. He collaborated with all relevant stakeholders including people in multiple time zones and was agile to make changes when new information came to light. I could not recommend Josh highly enough and I look forward to working with him on our next projects!"

Danielle McGloin | COO
Ducere Global Business School | Asana Refresh

"Josh is highly knowledgeable and personable. His sessions are always informative and I find them invaluable for navigating our companies integration with this software. I have no hesitation in recommending his services."

General Manager
Engineering Consultancy | Ongoing System Enablement and Coaching

"Josh provided extremely friendly, professional and helpful support to our team as we transitioned from another software. His organisation and careful preparation made what was a daunting task very manageable for the team and we appreciated his flexibility and patience as we worked through the process. We highly recommend Josh for his technical, organizational and communication skills."

Director - Finance & Legal
Engineering Consulting Business | Systems Implementation and Enablement

"We implemented WorkflowMax in our company to assist with business administration and project management. Josh understood our needs and taught us the capability, demonstrated the practical aspects in live situations and was on hand to help us! Thank you Josh! "

Jenny Rudolph | Chief Executive Officer
Gyde Consulting | WorkflowMax Relaunch Advisory and Support

"Josh has been an invaluable asset to myself and the I.M.A team in understanding WorkflowMax. Josh was assigned as our implementation partner in 2021 and assisted with the variables in our initial setup. More recently, Josh has worked with my team in really understanding the nuances of the software. His insights and expertise have greatly assisted us to not only streamline parts of our workflow, but also on the fly troubleshoot and brainstorm some of our specific challenges. Josh is a fantastic asset to any company he consults with and personally, I’m grateful we’ve been able to tap into Josh’s expertise."

Laura Tesluk | General Manager
IMAB2B | WorkflowMax Support

"Since working with Apparatus Quo on improving our job and workshop management, I’ve been able to gain better visibility on how our jobs are going, get our invoices out in a timely manner, use the Kiosk for recording hours and labour costs on each job, and better balance the workload when staff are on leave as we’re got everything in one place."

Richard Johnson - Managing Director
LV Truck Cranes | WorkGuru Implementation and Training

"Josh has been an integral part of our project to find and select an ERP suitable for our business. His technical understanding of systems & processes along with his interpersonal skills and his vast network within the systems and solutions market is second to none. His ability to understand our business in a small window of time and provide concise, relevant and practical insight within both internal and external meetings has instilled confidence within management and excitement for the end result. Josh is extremely organized, reliable and flexible and as such couldn't recommend him enough to help you through your tech journey."

Karina Kovacs | Finance Manager

"I engaged Josh and his team to support my small business to implement WorkflowMax, with the goal of gaining better project and financial management. Over a series of workshops, Josh took me through every step of implementation and helped me to maximise the set up to gain the most insights possible. Josh knew WFM inside and out, and shared valuable suggestions at every step. I will engage Josh again as our needs change and happily recommend his work to others needing similar support."

Melinda Oliver | Content Specialist
Oliver Content | WorkflowMax Advisory and Support

"When we started planning on moving systems we were overwhelmed by the process and how to go about it. Working with Josh took the hassle and pain out of the process."

Lisa Levi, Brand Manager
Pure Zone | Systems Implementation

"I highly recommend Josh, he's been unbelievably good to deal with for during our WorkflowMax implementation process. His implementation sessions are really well planned, informative and we never felt like we were being rushed. His knowledge of WorkflowMax is second to none and has put us in a position to really take our business forward using this great product."

David Aquilina | General Manager
Selective Switchboards | WorkflowMax 'Build It With You'

"Josh and team helped our agency successfully implement Asana and ran a series of training sessions to get staff up to speed. He was able to quickly understand the unique needs of our business and tailor training accordingly. He would break things down into simple steps and would always provide valuable follow-up notes immediately after each session. We appreciated his patience, energy and willingness to find a way to tackle any challenge."

Jules Hastings | Executive Producer
Sugar & Partners | Asana Implementation

"We have been working with Apparatus Quo for just over 6 months and plan to continue the partnership. Apparatus Quo have helped us set up and improve the use of Asana to support our program delivery and created efficiencies with our internal systems. They are articulate, knowledgeable and amazing trainers! I don't always love tech and AQ made it easy and interesting! We have 100% had a measurable ROI from working with Apparatus Quo!"

Loren Pettigrew | General Manager
The Leadership Sphere | Asana Solutions Partnership

"Josh is helping us map our workflows with the next steps to be to select a suitable ERP. I have found his ability to extract the right knowledge out of us to be excellent as is his knowledge of IT systems. I find Josh is able to ask the right questions and clarify what I need. I highly recommend."

Mick Harrold - Managing Director
Visual Exposure Signage Solutions | ERP Strategy

"Josh is a terrific listener and worked collaboratively with me to give me confidence to speak in my voice about the values and objectives of our farming enterprise. I found Josh to be efficient, timely and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him"

Clare Cannon, Owner
Woomargama Station | Major Website Upgrade

"Apparatus Quo's wealth of knowledge and experience with Asana proved to be an asset to WomenCAN Australia. In my interactions with them, I found them to be highly approachable and friendly. They were always willing to listen and address any concerns we had regarding our workflow. I would highly recommend Apparatus Quo as Asana experts. They possesses the technical expertise, communication skills, and personalised approach that are necessary to enhance workflow and productivity. Their friendly and approachable demeanor make them a pleasure to work with, and their wealth of knowledge and experience with Asana will undoubtedly prove invaluable to any organisation."

Maggie McNeil | Communications Specialist
WomenCAN Australia | Asana Implementation

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