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From Jenny's Experience: Insider Insights into a Cloud Consulting role at Apparatus Quo

Discover what it's like to work for Apparatus Quo  as a Cloud Consultant, from penultimate-year commerce student, Jenny Zheng with her personal experience.

Cloud Consultant at AQ

Reflecting on my enriching four-month internship role at Apparatus Quo (AQ), I am excited to share my journey.

Noteworthy projects

As a Cloud Consultant, I had the privilege of being involved in diverse and impactful projects that allowed me to witness the inner workings of AQ and contribute to client success.

One noteworthy project involved the creation of Asana project boards for a university client, streamlining the delivery approach for their build-it-with-you Asana onboarding project with AQ.

Additionally, I played a crucial role working 'on' the business, in developing a service targeting clients in need of guidance for WorkflowMax by BlueRock (WFM) migration in a low-touch way.

These experiences allowed me to immerse myself in various business functions of AQ, which included marketing operations, recruitment and onboarding processes, and of course client work!

Culture at AQ

What made this internship truly special was the tight-knit culture at AQ. Working alongside seasoned consultants like Josh and Von provided me with invaluable mentorship. The collaborative atmosphere and support from my colleagues significantly contributed to my professional and personal development.

Top three highlights of my internship at AQ

  1. Engaging in Client Delivery: Participating in client meetings, supporting the creation of system diagrams and Asana Boards, and directly interacting with AQ clients allowed me to make meaningful contributions to various projects. As a penultimate-year commerce student, this experience provided insight into the day-to-day operations of a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses; I've been able to delve into the Marketing, Manufacturing, Education businesses and many more. Approaching graduation, I gained confidence in working within a corporate environment and honed my problem-solving skills within a team setting.

  2. Contributing toward Value Creation: Working closely with AQ founder Josh provided me with exposure to how small businesses deliver value to their clients. One notable initiative I was involved in was the creation of the WorkflowMax Health Check and 2024 Plan service. With BlueRock building out a new version of WorkflowMax going live in Feb 2024, clients face the migration challenge from the legacy to new version. I took on the responsibility of creating the first version of the client workbook to guide clients through planning the transition, streamlining their migration process and increasing their chance for a successful project. Knowing that this service would support clients during a period of ambiguity was particularly rewarding.

  3. Working within a small but Powerful Team: Being part of a smaller organisation like AQ brings unique advantages, primarily the close relationships I formed and the flexibility provided. Josh and Von offered intimate mentorship opportunities, while Rein was a supportive colleague who familiarised me with AQ's operations. The supportive environment at AQ allowed me to explore my interests, such as spearheading a marketing campaign, or assisting in the recruitment of new staff. The flexibility provided within the organisation contributed significantly to my overall growth both personally and professionally.

Lessons Learned

One of the most impactful lessons I gleaned from my time at AQ revolves around the significance of taking initiative and embracing a proactive mindset.

Prior to this internship, I harboured a degree of hesitation regarding my own skills and abilities. However, with AQ's support, I found encouragement to break out of my shell, make decisive moves in ambiguous situations, and take ownership of my journey.

This experience prompted a shift in my approach—no longer hesitant, but instead, eager to suggest new ideas and methods to my colleagues. While not every suggestion found immediate implementation, the acknowledgment and appreciation for my initiative were consistently evident.

I realised that the worst-case scenario was not so bad after all, and the image I crafted for myself was one of a driven and proactive individual committed to their work. Embracing this lesson, I have come to understand that initiative is not just about the outcome but about fostering a mindset that pushes for continuous improvement and innovation.

Tips for Aspiring Cloud Consultants

If you aspire to become a Cloud Consultant, here are some tips to help you kickstart your journey:

  1. Embrace Diverse Project Experiences:
    • Actively seek and engage in diverse projects that expose you to various aspects of consulting.
  2. Prioritise Mentorship and Collaboration:
    • Recognise the value of mentorship and collaboration within a close-knit team. Building relationships with seasoned consultants provides invaluable guidance and support.
  3. Contribute to Value Creation:
    • Look for opportunities to contribute to value creation within the organisation.
  4. Embrace a Proactive Mindset and Initiative:
    • Learn the importance of taking initiative and maintaining a proactive mindset. Break out of your comfort zone, suggest new ideas, and take ownership of your learning journey.
  5. Foster a Continuous Improvement Mindset:
    • Understand that initiative is not solely about immediate outcomes but about fostering a mindset of continuous improvement and innovation.

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