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Quoting, Scheduling, Time tracking, Invoicing and Reporting

An All-in-one Project Management, packed with tools to help maximise your profit and spend more time on your projects and less time managing them.

Packed with tools to help maximise your profit

From quoting, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and reporting WorkflowMax has you covered.

Spend more time on your projects and less time managing them

Grow your customers, build better efficiency, get paid your worth and drive profitability.

Seamless integrations for better project management

From accounting to helpdesk tickets, document management, scheduling, reporting and CRM, we’ve got you covered. Transform and streamline your business today.

Welcome to the world of WorkflowMax! This form's objective is to get some of the up-front work started, and to start introducing the key elements we have found are important to a successful implementation.

Note - we may not touch on all elements of the below, but this is a good model to start with!  Looking forward to taking you through it...

WFM flow

Our Approach

At a high-level, we recognise there are several phases of a digital transformation.  We like to recognise the below with our clients as key stages to a successful implementation.  There are key milestones in reaching each phase, and we will work with you on defining what these look like for your business.

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Our WorkflowMax Packages

WFM Self-audit + Workshop
WFM Advisory only package
WFM Advisory + Firepower
WFM first class
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