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Asana's Fundraising goals and Nonprofit Case Management

Fundraising is the lifeblood of most nonprofit organisations. Nonprofit organisations depend on a mix of revenue streams to stay in operation and advance their missions.

To help them effectively manage various sources, Asana has three focused templates: fundraising event planning, digital fundraising campaigns, and grant applications.



To better execute your fundraising goals here are Asana's three  focused templates to support your organisation
  1. Fundraising Event Planning contains two main sections: Section 1: Fundraising event ideas backlog which serves as a space to create tasks of all the ideas you have for your next fundraising event and Section 2: Planning and executing your fundraising event. After creating / converting into a project, begin assigning tasks and start/due dates, build a form and add the appropriate custom fields to keep track of information.


  2. Digital Fundraising Campaign also contains two main sections: Section 1: Campaign brief where you can store incoming campaign briefs that provide a clear insight into the goals of each campaign and Section 2: Fundraising campaign which is designed to help you plan, manage and track your digital fundraising campaign- it’s message, your strategies and collateral you plan to use across the digital platforms you’re looking to have a presence in.


  3. Grant Tracking contains three main sections: Section 1: Grant funding opportunities backlog to capture all new grant funding opportunities so your team is ready to take action. Section 2: Grants in consideration where having a unique project for each grant that your organization has applied for allows your team to manage and track each required step as a task to ensure the grant application is correct, complete, and on-time. Section 3: Active grant tracking to track the grants that you have successfully secured, duplicate the example task and add a due date to mark the end of that grant funding cycle.


And of course, keeping track of all your fundraising activities by creating a Portfolio is very important as it allows transparency into the status of work without creating extra work.


On the other hand, there is also a template for Nonprofit Case Management where you can create project from this template and add them to your caseload Portfolio. Plus you can stay on top of the status of your cases by updating your projects on the go with Asana's mobile app.


Personalised strategy

If you'd like to book in a time to get a personalised strategy for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us for a demo of Asana if interested in learning more!