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Asana's Latest Feature Updates (March 2023)

Stay updated with latest Asana's latest update features and check out our short video for an overview of how to get started!


Top Takeaways

1. Time Tracking in Asana + Estimated time and Workload
    • Allows you to estimate the time needed to complete a task, evaluate team workload, record the actual time spent, and export time records to CSV as required.
    • Helps inform decisions regarding resourcing, provides real-time estimates on project progress, and can be essential for forecasting, budgeting and invoicing system inputs.
2. Drive Efficiency with Forms
  • Standardise the way work gets kicked off for your team, gather the necessary information you need, and ensure that no work falls through the cracks.
  • You can use forms with internal and external teams, to collect and consolidate information, minimise any friction, back and forth, or misunderstanding for your team.

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