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Client Stories: Ducere Global Business School - Asana Advisory and Support

Ducere Global Business School is a recognised leader in university – enterprise collaborations, to design and deliver degrees that have real career impact. They partner with major universities across 4 continents, global corporations, government departments and NGOs, as well as being a member of the AACSB, Clinton Foundation, United Nations, and various global chambers, to ensure that our programs are current, relevant and industry connected.



In our early meetings together, we identified the Ducere teams’ biggest goals included the following top items:

  1. Incorporate all actions currently in Ducere ASANA in a more user friendly, functional and no crossovers between projects. 
  2. Capture and enter data once, flows through too many projects.
  3. Standardisation and streamlining of how processes are managed, delivered and evaluated across internal departments and touchpoints.
  4. Tracking projects within a central source of truth across different clients
  5. Have an overall template to use year after year.
  6. Understanding priorities.
  7. Communication with the team


Strategy | Alignment | Scale - our approach with Ducere:



We debriefed with Ducere key 'Systems Champion' a month post  go-live for their thoughts on the experience:

Danielle McGloin, COO:

"I have recently had the pleasure of working with Josh on an Asana improvement project. He has come in and educated our whole team on Asana, helped us set up better workflows and process improvements. He collaborated with all relevant stakeholders including people in multiple time zones and was agile to make changes when new information came to light. I could not recommend Josh highly enough and I look forward to working with him on our next projects!"

To find out more about Ducere, check out their website here:

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