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Getting a team around you - what is your support network?

It’s always a fantastic outcome when you have a diverse team, with diversity of thought when it comes to solving business problems and identifying opportunities. As they say when recruiting - get the right people on the bus, then work out the direction it is going.

While this is definitely a goal, it’s also worth thinking about the other ‘teams’ you have, or support network, or community, around the business.


Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to in-source certain capability, expertise, and it makes sense to outsource or partner for certain elements of the business. For example, if you are a business whereby professional documents and designs are your core business, it would probably make sense to have an in-house designer. If professional and creative designs are complementary to your business and professionalism, it makes sense to outsource a designer on an as-needed basis.

But what about professional expertise in a more traditional manner? The CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, CIO, CSO and other CXO type roles? What if your business isn’t at the size yet to justify recruiting for these leadership roles, yet leadership in these domains is required nonetheless? Similar to paying for fire insurance, sometimes it makes sense to get a network around you of experts you can soundboard off when it comes to critical decision points or defining a strategy in a sub-area of your business.

For example - you may have a board of advisors (formally or informally), mentors, you may have a business coach, or you may have more specific advice from accounting advisors, commercially-savvy lawyers and technology experts. All of these professions have options to have someone ‘on-call’ as a part of your extended team to be there when you most need it. You may not want to pay a full-time resource as an employee to run a function or project manage an area of your business, but you may find it very beneficial to have an expert who’s done it before to run an internal business project to grow you to a point where a full time resource makes sense. Of course, selfishly speaking, this is where consultants come in and why we have a job. There are people like us who prefer to work across many business, compare and contrast industries, methods, and the latest tools and approaches to getting shit done. We love nothing better than working through a business problem or opportunity and getting you to a great outcome.

If you are interested in our personal specialty - alignment of your business strategy to your technology strategy, please get in touch. If you are looking for experts in some of the other fields listed above, also feel free to reach out and with our network we can make an introduction or connection to like-minded people.