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Resource Planning for a Professional Services Firm

Resource Planning gives you a bird's-eye view of your team’s work schedule and overall capacity that, to put it simply, isn’t possible with project management software alone.

Your schedule makes it easy to see at any time what tasks your team is working on and what’s upcoming, so you can plan your resources most efficiently.

Resource Planning is a process of identifying, forecasting, and allocating various types of business resources to the projects at the right time and cost. It also ensures the efficient and effective utilisation of resources across the enterprise. These business resources can be human resources, equipment, assets, facilities, and more.

It is a crucial part of the project management process as it plays a key role in a project’s success. But how efficient resource planning process can help improve a project success?

Here are some distinct steps to support resource planning in your organisation

  1. Accurately track and measure demand for resourcing, based on 'won' work and projects, including an estimate for hours, days and timing
  2. Understand your resourcing supply available - both internally (staff) and externally (contractors, consultants, partners)
  3. Implement appropriate resource strategies to bridge the gap between demand and supply - allocate the right resources to the right project based on skills and availability
  4. Continuously review, monitor and adapt the strategy as necessary
SaaS Solutions We Like

Like many business functions, there are continuous advancements in fit-for-purpose apps that can make your life easier. This is no different for resource planning, and at AQ we have a few favourites at this time - Asana and Float are two that come to mind.

Asana, Business tier - Portfolios and Workload

asana - resource planning

In a world where organisations are moving fast and are often virtual sometimes employee workload becomes an oversight. Hence, making sure your team doesn’t feel overworked or underutilized is a challenge most leaders experience.

With Asana as a work management tool for resource management, you have easy insight into what everyone on your team is working on, what resources are available, and how to prevent team burnout. With Portfolios and Workload, you can gain clarity into your team’s bandwidth and assign resources from there.

Float, Resource Management Platform


float - resource planning

On the other hand, Float is also a resource management tool that brings the most powerful set of resource management features together in one place to make scheduling your team’s time faster, easier, and more efficient. While project management tools are great for organizing and collaborating on projects, Float is your single source of truth for planning, scheduling, and tracking your resources and team capacity.

Personalised strategy

If you'd like to book in a time to get a personalised strategy for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us for a demo of Asana or Float if interested in learning more!